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Where should you take Engagement photos?

Newly engaged couple's engagement session photo shoot by Photography of Sarah Mae

Engagement sessions are the best! I LOVE giving all my wedding couples a COMPLIMENTARY Engagement Session because it helps us get to know each other better and feel more comfortable around each other before the intensity of the wedding day. It's also a great way to help me find out what posing prompts resonate more with you AND (my most favorite reason) it gives you an excuse to dress up a bit, if you want, let loose and have fun with the love of your life all the while getting some INCREDIBLE keep-sake photos of the two of you!

The couple embraces in the kitchen as they prepare to cook a romantic meal together. An image provided by Photography of Sarah Mae

But where should you schedule your engagement session? While I have a list of places that I enjoy taking pictures at, the images captured at your Engagement Session will mean more to you if you are the one who decides the location. Nervous? Don't be! Here are some tips to choosing a location that has significance and meaning to you and your significant other.

The two love-birds washing their hands are they prepare for an in-home kitchen photoshoot. Photo by Photography of Sarah Mae

1. Choose a Place That Fits You as a Couple.

Do you have a favorite coffee shop? Ooh, let's go there! Spend most of your evenings dueling it out over scrabble? I am happy to set up the session at your home! The location of your engagement shoot should be a place where the two of you feel comfortable. You don't have to go all out and glamorous if you're both more laid back and casual. Nor do you have to go to an open field if you'd rather shoot in front of a street mural. The location can be any place that allows you two to act naturally, and has a story behind it. Is a specific location coming to mind? Good, now let's talk about...

Woman embraces her fiance from behind as he starts prepping dinner during their Engagement Photoshoot. An image by Photography of Sarah Mae.

2. Take the Sun Into Consideration

Think about the images that really resonate with you. Do you gravitate towards the soft light of sunrise or the golden hues of sunset? We'll have to schedule your session accordingly. Want more dramatic, contrasting photos we'll schedule the Engagement Session closer to mid-day. If we are shooting at your home, take note of when your home is filled with the most sunlight. Remember, that depending on the season the sun will set/rise later or earlier. Also, if you are shooting at more than one location don’t forget to account for travel time! If you're going for a sunset or sunrise backdrop you may want to keep the locations of your Engagement Session closer together to give you more time. Lastly, you will want to...

The couple cooking together in the kitchen during their Engagement Photo session. Image provided by Photography of Sarah Mae.

3. Consider the Visuals and Background

Whether we shoot indoors or outside we will want to take a look around to see what will be in the background of your photos. Whether you are going for a rustic or urban look, brainstorm some locations that have interesting backgrounds. You can even turn it into a fun challenge between the two of you to see who can find the most interesting architecture or cool brick walls for can provide the urban feel or what (public) fields and trails give a more rural and country feel that you like. Try not to choose a location that has too much foot traffic since this can result in your images getting photo bombed by a passerby. And if we're shooting indoors make sure there is nothing that will be overly distracting (i.e. a random neon sign - unless that's one you want the focus to be on in the photos).

Couple sitting on the floor together in the kitchen as they await the food to cook during their in-home Kitchen Engagement Photoshoot. Image provided by Photography of Sarah Mae.

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