About Sarah Mae

As a mother of 5 wild ones, and growing up as the oldest in a family of 8, I know how difficult it can be to take or get quality photos with the whole family being their authentic joyful selves in one photograph.  

My goal as a photographer is to capture that elusive photo and to provide you a collection of photos that show off the beauty and personality of each member in your family. 

I have experience photographing weddings, individual families and portrait photography in Utah, Indiana, and Texas. I currently live in the North Dallas area and I love discovering new trails, picnic spots, and places to cool off in this beautiful place we get to call home. 


About our Family

My husband and I have been married for 10 years. We met each other in Utah while attending Utah Valley University. We got married 8 months after initially meeting (when you know, you know!) and were very fortunate to have a fellow friend to photograph our wedding pictures, which still hang up about our house today!

Fast forward 3 years and my oldest daughter was born. We were so excited to experience and document all her firsts that we agreed to invest in our first professional camera. While those first photos are a little rough around the edges they are so precious to me as they bring me right back to all those feelings of being a first-time mom.


My daughter was just over 1 years old when we felt like it was time for our family to grow again. Little did we know that not only would we be blessed with our son, Max, but our daughter Aly would be joining the family too. Aly is the biological daughter of my sister, who I love dearly. At the time, my sister did not have a stable living environment so she reached out to us about taking care of Aly until she was in a better place. We, of course, said yes and what started off as a short-term arrangement became a life-altering adoption. We are so grateful to have been blessed to raise Aly, and we love that her mom, my sister, is so close to us.

Two and a half years after the arrival of Max and Aly, we felt impressed again that it was time for our family to grow. This time my sister found out she was pregnant first, and she again reached out for help as her living situation did not allow for children. After praying and fasting we knew it was what we needed to do so we piled the kids into a newly bought minivan and drove across the country to accompany her in the hospital for the birth of Maverick, now our fourth child. It was while I was with my sister awaiting the arrival of Maverick when I found out that I too was expecting.  

Ray, our youngest was born just over two years ago. Life with so many little ones is not without it's hair-pulling moments, but they each bring us so much joy that I cannot imagine my life without any of them.

Tel: (682) 227-4185