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Image of Dallas Wedding Photographer, Sarah Mae holding her youngest child

About Sarah Mae

I’m Sarah Mae Hess, and I love helping others feel relaxed, comfortable, and having fun while taking pictures. 

 Not to brag, but I’m definitely someone you want to have around on your wedding day.


The wedding process can be stressful, but I promise that when we’re together, it’ll feel more like old friends hanging out than a photoshoot. I’m a naturally sunny person who’s always smiling and cracking jokes, which makes capturing natural wedding day portraits my superpower.

As you'll come to learn by speaking with me or visiting my social media pages, family is very important to me. I want your family to feel cared for on your big day which is why I place such a big emphasis on learning everyone's names before the Wedding and why I strive to make sure every individual feels comfortable AND beautiful while getting their pictures taken. I'll take care of your loved ones, just like I would my own family.

Image of Dallas Wedding Photographer, Sarah Mae along with her family in front of the Dallas Texas LDS Temple


  • My husband (who grew up in Los Angeles County), and I met each other in Utah while attending a Religious Studies class at Utah Valley University. 8 months later we got married in the Timpanogus Utah Temple.  (it is a temple that belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Days Saint aka Mormons). This last August we celebrated our 12th year of marriage!

  • While at University I studied Behavioral Science, specifically Anthropology. Oh man, if you ever want me to talk your ear off it will be about the studies of modern culture! It is partly why I love to travel to new places - the Anthropologist in me just loves to learn and experience how others live!

  •  I have 5 children (3 biological, and 2 adopted). Life with so many little ones is not without it's hair-pulling moments, but they each bring me so much joy! 

  • I don't drink coffee or alcohol, but I do have a weakness for dessert. I haven't found a pastry yet that I could turn down! 

  • I LOVE to dance! Before we moved to Texas I actually won an online Dance Competition for tickets to a dance party hosted by one of my idols of the time: The Alison Show  (ask me about it and I'll send you a link). Long story short, I will totally 'bust a move' with you on the dancefloor.

Now that you know a little bit more about me, tell me more about you and the type of photography I can help you capture by clicking the button below.

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