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All about the Wedding CAKE!

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Close up on the a beautiful cake made by Basically Bakers DFW for a wedding held at the Perot Museum of Natural History in Dallas, TX. Image by Photography of Sarah Mae.

I am a BIG fan of cake.

Especially when it is made by Basically Bakers DFW or Blondie's Bake House. These ladies are magicians when it comes to buttercream and baked desserts. Blondie's is the mastermind behind the Vanilla Latte & Champagne cake pictured above and while Basically Bakers created the gem of a cake at the end of this post. Both bakers have graciously agreed to share some tips and tricks with you when it comes to choosing your wedding cake and I cannot WAIT to hear from them, so with out further ado:

Tip #1: First things First

"Before you start “sweating for the wedding,” let’s schedule that cake tasting first!

Tip #2: You do you beau!

"The our biggest advice we give to couples is “remember, this is YOUR day!” A lot of times couples will consider playing it safe with their cake flavors and sticking with vanilla or maybe getting crazy with a chocolate cake in hopes to please everyone, but here at Basically Bakers DFW, we will not turn you away from an Oreo, strawberry lemonade or French toast flavor option!

"Maybe you’re thinking “I don’t know if my guests will like an out of the box flavor” but I say if you have a baker that knows what they are doing when it comes to quality cake flavors, you can’t go wrong. We can’t tell you how many times we get referrals from wedding guests that try one of our custom flavors like Fruity Pebbles or something unusual. If you want to leave people talking about your wedding day, stick with what makes you happy. It has a way of shining through leaving a lasting impression.

Tip #3: Pinterest It!

"Now that you have your flavor locked in, hop on Pinterest and let’s figure out what design you want! If you can’t narrow down all the options to 1 you love, simply send over 2 to 3 styles and see if your baker can’t incorporate them into one.

Feel free to also bring some design elements from your wedding to your taste testing. Whether it be florals, invitations, or table linens, it is always a fun idea to get inspo from these things for a cake design.

Don't forget all vendors who are given a chance to create will end up making something better than they would if they were not allowed to be creative.

Tip # 3: Don't forget the Groom!

"Another detail we won’t shy away from is a custom grooms cake. Does your groom like to golf, hunt, play poker or maybe you have a fur baby you want to incorporate on the cake? Let’s book you a grooms cake! This is another way to incorporate a unique flavor if you’d like.

Tip #4: What cake size should I go with and how much will it cost?

"Typically couples go with a larger brides cake to feed most of your guests and a grooms cake that feeds a little less than half the guests. Keep in mind that most bakers price their cakes by servings. This being said, most bakers in the Dallas area start between $4-$7 per serving as a base cost (and upgrade depending on the flavor and decor wanted for the cake).

Tip #4: What about the anniversary cake?

"Finally, let’s not forget the sweetest detail, anniversary cake! It’s an old tradition that we will never let die.

Here at Basically Bakers DFW, if you book your wedding cake with us we will make you a small anniversary cake for free. Just be sure to get it on the books a few weeks out from your 1 year anniversary. If your baker doesn’t offer a fresh cake, be sure to exclude the servings from your cake total of your top tier if you plan on taking it home to freeze.

Tip #5: How to free your cake for later

"To properly freeze your cake, your best option is to wrap it thoroughly with Saran Wrap and put it in a freezer safe gallon bag. If you place the cake in the fridge and let the frosting firm up before you wrap it with Saran Wrap it will help preserve the design. Before you eat it, make sure to let your cake completely thaw in the fridge 24 hours before consuming.

**Bonus Tip!**

"We will leave you with one more pro tip we have learned over the years. During your wedding when you get pics of the cake cutting, cut off a decent piece of cake to feed to one another and be sure to assign the task of boxing it up for later that night to a maid of honor or family member! We hate to hear how couples get caught up in the night and forget to save themselves a piece of cake, but it happens all the time. The day flies by so be sure to box up a piece of cake and any other food you’re likely going to want once you finally settle into your honeymoon suite!" Wow!! What great advice! If I could add one final piece of advice to everything that has been shared today it would be to decide the location you are displaying your cake carefully. Make sure it is not in full sunlight, or near a door that leads to the outside as those things can cause the icing of your cake to gradually warm up (causing cake catastrophes - i.e. leaning or crashing cakes!). If your cake is being displayed outdoors then make sure to eat it within 2 hours of being set up (especially in the summer) or else you can be dealing with the same thing mentioned above.

Definitely some great things to keep in mind when planning your wedding cake, and how to keep it fresh for your anniversary! If you haven't had an opportunity to try one of Basically Baker's cakes of Blonde Baker's, trust me when I say they are amazing! I promise that if you hire either Basically Bakers DFW or Blonde Baker's, you won't be disappointed! Want to see some more of their great work at the wedding I photographed at the Perot Museum? Feel free to check it out here!

Beautiful Vanilla Gemstone Cake made out of rock candy displayed before a heart gemstone at a wedding held at the Perot Natural History Museum! Image by Photography of Sarah Mae, cake made by Basically Bakers DFW


Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on how to make your big day the best it can be! In my next blog post I will chat about Bridal Photosessions! I'll show you what they are and we'll chat about whether they might be a good fit for you. Until then feel free to send me a message if you have any questions!


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