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5 Things your Wedding Hair and Make-Up Artist wants You to Know

Bridal photos of a beautiful couple with make up and hair done by a Hair and Make-Up Artist.

Hiring a Hair and Make-Up Artist can be a little intimidating, I get it.

I'll be honest, It was not until I was married with 3 kids that I had a professional Make-Up Artist do my make-up for the first time. But trust me that once I finally made that investment I was blown away by the difference it made in my photos and self confidence as my Hair & Make-Up Artist made my favorite features pop and my hair look INCREDIBLE in person AND on camera. As photographer, that is one of the biggest reasons I suggest my clients hire a professional Hair & Make-Up artist before a photoshoot or event.

So without further ado I'd like to introduce one of the most incredible Hair and Make-Up Artists that I have had the pleasure of working with: Ashley Smith of Ashley Smith Artistry.

Ashley is the bomb (dot) com! You can check out some of her amazing work here on instagram. She is located in Rockwall, TX, but is available for on location Hair and Make-Up services (HAMU for short). She has been doing Hair & Make-Up since 2006, and when she is not bringing on the GLAM for brides, Prom Dates, and other Gorgeous Queens you can find her at Hello Gorgeous Blowouts in Rockwall (and yes, her blowouts are definitely gorgeous!). Below are just a couple of the beautiful looks she has created that I've had the pleasure to photograph:

Stunning, right? You can see how these first ladies's hair and make-up held up throughout the day in my blog post here.

Now on to Ashley's advice below!

1) "How long will my hair & make-up take to do?" The amount of time a bride should schedule for makeup and/or hair really depends on the stylist and how much time they need to complete the selected style and makeup. It is a great question to ask the stylist you are considering receiving services from. My bridal team books 1.5 to 2 hours for the bride.

2) "How should I prepare for my HAMU session?"

My team definitely suggests the bride have facial/waxing services done 1 week before receiving services. We also suggest you come with semi-clean hair. Meaning hair that has not been shampooed in 24 hours. Make sure any color services have been completed 1-2 weeks before services.

3) "How important is it to have a Hair & Make-Up trial run?"

We highly suggest and almost require brides to do a HAMU trial before the big day! This ensures a smooth and easy day of and puts to rest any nerves about the bridal style. Most brides pick the day of their bridal portraits for their HAMU trial. I recommend a month in advance of your photoshoot booking your bridal HAMU trial.

4) "How far out do you book? / When should I book my Wedding Hair & Make-Up services?"

The typical timeline for booking HAMU should be 6 months to a year before services are required.

5) "What if I'm not sure the look I want for my Wedding?"

Come to your bridal trial with a few HAMU styles based on your current facial/eye shape and hair color, length, and texture. Be realistic in your expectations, but also listen to your stylist’s opinions and guidance because we are here to make you look and feel your absolute best! Ashley's last piece of advice is "No matter what, have fun and remember this is a beautiful moment of your life! Enjoy every second, even the stressful parts." See, what did I tell you?! She's amazing! I promise that if you hire a professional Hair and Make-Up Artist like Ashley, you won't be disappointed! ---

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on how to make your big day the best it can be! In my next blog post I will chat about different kinds of Wedding Photography to help you determine the kinds of photos you will look forward to reviewing over and over again in the years to come. Until then feel free to send me a message if you have any questions!


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