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Dallas Wedding Venues Spotlight: Texas Discovery Gardens Wedding Venue

An oasis at the Fair Park.

That's how the Texas Discovery Gardens is described and it's not wrong. With 7.5 acres of public gardens, and a two-story Butterfly House, as well as a reception hall with floor to ceiling windows this Wedding Venue is breathtaking.

When I found out my friends, Mary and Kern were getting married there I did a high jump kick (similar to the ones you see on Newsies, but probably not as nearly as graceful) I was so excited to help them photograph their wedding day! Once I completed my happy dance I immediately started researching all of the cool spots we could take their photos at. It didn't take long for me to realize that the Texas Discovery Garden has a plethora of beautiful photo-op locations. In fact, I was half-tempted to hi-jack Mary and Kern's Cocktail Hour so we could do a photography tour all around the gardens. It ended up being unseasonably hot on their wedding day so instead of the garden tour we decided to take their first look in the beautiful two story butterfly vivarium with a skywalk...

AH! Aren't they so cute?!

After their first look photos we took a few additional photos in and around the butterfly vivarium before going outside for some photos of their growing family. There was so many spots I wish I could have taken them to, but this shaded spot that we took the majority of their photos at was so cute that we felt good about the variety we were able to get in such a short time frame.

Following their portraits we took some family photos in front of the butterfly vivarium with its stunning floor-to-ceiling windows.

From there the wedding party went back indoors to cool off while I grabbed some pretty details from the gardens and ceremony setup. Mary and Kern's wedding ceremony occured in the Shady Garden (one of seven connected gardens within Texas Discovery Gardens). The ceremony started at 2pm, and as you can see it was true to it's name, and nicely shaded throughout the ceremony.

Mary and Kern had a fantastic Wedding Coordinator, Ashlyn from A Grace Coordinating, who set up their sign-in table, and made sure all the vendors found the correct garden to set up at. She even stayed to help lign up the flower girls, and ring boy so that the bride and groom didn't have to worry about doing that themselves.

The bride's sister officiated the wedding, and cellist, Mauricio Rocha set the mood. At the front of the garden was a beautiful floral hoop provided by Celebrations in the Air. It was in front of this backdrop that the day's marriage took place. As you can see below it all went together seamlessly.

As you can see clearly see it was a very beautifully coordinated wedding. One that I was so happy to be a part of.

My Top Tips when planning a Texas Discovery Gardens Wedding

If you're looking to have a garden wedding at the Texas Discovery Gardens Wedding Venue there are a few tips I would like to share with you to help make it the best day it can possibly be. My wedding tips are as follows:

  1. If you are only utilizing a garden space for your wedding ceremony, be aware that you can rent out one of the office spaces inside the main building for a dressing room, but they aren't very picturesque. (I.e. bland office space with florescent lighting). I suggest that you prioritize taking your getting ready photos at a nearby hotel or bnb before going to the Texas Discovery Gardens for your first look, bridal party photos, etc. I promise that by doing so you will be much happier!

  2. Pay attention to how the sun hits your preferred wedding ceremony area throughout the day. The shade garden (where my bride had her ceremony) is fully in shade for most of the day, while the other garden wedding spots are in full sun. In my opinion, the Shade Garden is the better spot for weddings occuring before 4pm. If you want a later wedding then any of the garden wedding options will work (just make sure to provide water bottles for your guests, and bring coolers to keep the water bottles cold).

  3. I HIGHLY recommend adding on the Butterfly House to your wedding day package as it will provide an incredible experience for your wedding guests and provide a welcome reprieve from the elements as well as some fun entertainment. It also makes for some AMAZING photos both of you and your fiancé but also for your guests.

  4. Be aware if you book the Texas Discovery Gardens Wedding Venue during the State Fair (which takes place the last Friday of September and lasts for 24 days) that your wedding attendance may go down due to all the obstacles your guests will have to go through to attend your wedding. I'm talking about more traffic getting to the park, having to pay for their parking space, trouble finding a parking space, and dealing with crazy Fair crowds in the park just walking over to the Garden. Trust me when I say, avoid scheduling your wedding during the State Fair at ALL costs, lol.

In conclusion, I have to say the Texas Discovery Gardens in Dallas, Texas, truly offers a truly enchanting and memorable venue for couples who are looking for a natural, outdoor setting for their wedding. With its stunning gardens, indoor butterfly house and full range of services, this venue is the perfect choice for a beautiful and unforgettable celebration. And if you need a Wedding photographer to help you capture your day, feel free to reach out to me through my contact page. I would love to come and help you immortalize all of the incredible moments that will make up your big day. -Sarah Mae

Photography of Sarah Mae

P.S. Need some help putting together the vendors for your wedding? Check out the Dream Team we had for this wedding.

The Wedding Vendor Team for this Texas Discovery Garden Wedding in Dallas included:

Make Up Artist: Ahimsa Artistry

Live Music: Mauricio Rocha (Cello Player)

Wedding Coordinator: A Grace Event Planning

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