A moment frozen in time during a first look photo shoot at an outdoor location.

Beautifully candid images 
and fun photography

The music had just begun to play and my heart started racing. I was frozen in place as all the family and friends in attendance arose from their seats. I held my camera as still as possible as I awaited the most beautiful women I had ever seen ascend the stairs for her wedding ceremony. My job was to capture her slow ascent and the way her wedding train trailed behind her.


When I saw her my breathe caught in my chest. She was radiant. "click" went my camera. Her dress was stunning and as she reached the top of the stairs there was an audible intake of breath as everyone saw her in all her magnificence. "click" I quickly turned to focus my camera on the groom. He was beaming. "click" His face said it all. He could not believe his luck, to have such an incredible women moving across the room to be married to him for all time. "click"


As they joined hands, "click",  an overwhelming feeling of gratitude came over me as I too recognized how incredibly lucky I was to be capturing one of the happiest moments of their life with every "click" of my camera. That day and time started it all for me and propels me to capture the emotion and beauty of every wedding, family, and individual that I come across. 

Photography of Sarah Mae Experienced Photographer at a shoot smiling, having fun

My Approach

Most weddings go by so fast that afterwards brides and grooms alike recount that it all just one happy blur. My drive as a wedding photographer is to help you pause  and experience each moment in it's fullest , all while I capture it so that you will be able to recall those special moments after your wedding day, and can relive that time and feeling at any moment. 

As a wedding photographer and family photographer, I continually strive to give my clients that opportunity—pause, breathe, relive. I thrive at seeing a beautiful moment unfold and capturing it for my clients to experience again, like the second a groom grasps the hand of his love, a nervous smile at his lips, or the teary look of a mother looking on at her daughter and son-to-be.

I am consistently told that I provide a fun, personable experience so that is what I promise for you.  With me, you can be confident that your wedding day will be fun, relaxed, and that everything will turn out beautifully. 

-Sarah Mae

Rachel H

Sarah is a phenomenal woman and photographer!!! Her winning personality makes taking pictures a breeze. She’s quick enough to get that perfect shot but doesn’t rush the session. She makes you feel like you’ve been friends forever.



Jamie K

Sarah is so personable, kind, and relatable. My extended family and I had such a great time working with her. She was prepared, had lots of ideas for shots and told us exactly how to pose. The photos came out very natural and wonderful depictions of us as a family. I can't wait to get them printed and on our walls! I would definitely recommend her to others!

Angela K

Thank you so much for the pictures!!! We love them and I'm so excited to get them printed and up on our walls!