Elegant. Fun. Relaxed.

The things you’ll never want to forget from your wedding day:

  • The look on your parent's face when they see you in your wedding dress,

  • The moment when you grab your love’s hand at the altar,                           

  • The cheer as everyone celebrates your first kiss as husband and wife…     


With an exceptional wedding photographer who prioritizes your family you’ll never have to miss those big smiles, happy tears, belly laughs and every emotion in between.


Welcome to Photography of Sarah Mae.

Mom and big sister's reaction at seeing the bride all ready for the first time.
Father of the bride beaming at his daughter before they walk down the aisle together.
Wedding Party Photos in front of the Surrey House
Wedding bouquet caught by the niece of the groom.

Your Family's Experience

First Look with Dad and Brothers


I believe in using people's first names when speaking to them,  so I work hard to memorize your family's names before we meet face-to-face


It's important to me that your family members look and feel good in your photos, so I take the time to help everyone look their best in your family photos and during other photo-ops


If done right, family photos can be a FUN experience, which is why I strive to provide a high energy & organized experience so that your family will enjoy this time together


Your parents have done a lot to help bring you to this point in your life, so I like to capture a photo of just your parents together either on the dance floor or during your Family Photos, as a small gesture of gratitude.

Photography of Sarah Mae Experienced Photographer at a shoot smiling, having fun

Meet Sarah Mae

Time flies by so fast. 


My engagement, my wedding day, my daughter’s birth — I remember them all as happy blurs. 


Thank goodness for photography. 


Every time I look at those images, I’m transported back to those moments. I feel butterflies in my stomach thinking about taking my vows, or get teary-eyed remembering holding my baby when she was itty-bitty. 


Each time I have that experience, I’m reminded why I do this work: because each of us deserves the chance to relive our happiest moments over and over again. And giving you that experience through beautiful, bright images and a fun experience with me by your side is what drives me to be a better photographer with each shutter click. 


Rachel H

Sarah is a phenomenal woman and photographer!!! Her winning personality makes taking pictures a breeze. She’s quick enough to get that perfect shot but doesn’t rush the moment. She makes you feel like you’ve been friends forever.


Jamie K

Sarah is so personable, kind, and relatable. My extended family and I had such a great time working with her. She was prepared, had lots of ideas for shots and told us exactly how to pose. The photos came out very natural and wonderful depictions of us as a family. I can't wait to get them printed and on our walls! I would definitely recommend her to others!


Marcia S

Our wedding day was so special and fun. I can't thank Sarah enough for making it the best day ever. Her organizational skills and planning plus amazing talent was really appreciated. Sarah's fun, sweet and caring personality made everyone smile. I am so glad we hired Sarah to photograph our wedding!