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Your Guide to Bridal Sessions

Bridal Sessions are a photoshoot featuring the bride-to-be in her full gown, hair and make-up. They are SO much fun to do and one of my favorite ways of highlighting the beauty and individuality of my brides.

They aren't for everyone, but the THREE reasons why I suggest making the time to doing a Bridal Session before your wedding are:

Top Reasons to have a Bridal Session

1️⃣ It's the perfect time to test out your complete wedding attire before the big day, so if anything doesn't look the way you imagined, or is not comfortable, then you can make those changes before the wedding. ⁠

⁠ 2️⃣ It's a great way to become more comfortable with your photographer and shake off some of those "in-front-of-the-camera" jitters before the big day. The extra practice posing and moving in your wedding dress will help you feel like a pro the day you get married!⁠ ⁠

3️⃣ The wedding day goes by so quickly that some brides feel disappointed that they only got to wear their wedding dress one day. With a Bridal photoshoot you get to wear your dress at least twice and get some extra special photos of you in it, without the stress of following a wedding timeline. After all the time, money and thought you've put into planning your bridal “look" you deserve to take some dedicated time to document it.

What to Bring to your Bridal Session

If you decide to do a bridal shoot (which I really hope you do) I would suggest preparing the following things for the occasion:

-Your wedding dress and any accessories such as a veil, jewelry, or a bouquet.

-A change of clothes and accessories. This can include a second dress, a different pair of shoes, or hair accessories.

-A touch-up kit for makeup and hair, including lipstick, powder, hairpins, and any other items you may need to freshen up during the photoshoot.

-Props that are meaningful to you and that add a personal touch to your photos. For example, a love letter, or family heirloom.

-A friend or family member who can assist you with your dress, accessories, and touch-ups during the photoshoot.

-Water, snacks, and any other items you may need to stay comfortable during the photoshoot.

-A phone or camera to snap some candid shots or record videos of the photoshoot experience.

Before your photoshoot, make sure to talk with your photographer about what poses or specific shots you want to capture during your photoshoot (you can even create a moodboard/Pinterest board to give your photographer an idea of the style and look you are going for)

I would also suggest providing the contact information of your wedding vendors such as the florist, decorator, etc. in case you want to incorporate them into the photoshoot. As long as you communicate with your photographer about your vision, and expectations you will have successful and memorable photoshoot.

There you have it–my guide for why you should consider a Bridal shoot and what to bring to make it a success! If you want even more tips for your wedding photography, be sure to check my blog! Are you recently engaged? Do you want to schedule your bridal session, fill out the contact form today and let’s start planning!

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