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When did I become a Business Owner?!

2021, what a year. Like many of you, 2020 felt like a ring of fire, with Covid changing so much that we thought was standard in our lives. At that time I was a full-time mom who was working part-time as an Online ESL Tutor, and doing photography as a hobby for friends and family although I missed being in the wedding scene from my time in Indiana.

When our children's school began Virtual Learning instead of being in the classroom I knew I had to make a vocation change. I was reaching my breaking point with the stress of teaching online (and all the prep that goes into teaching) while also assisting my children in their virtual learning studies. I loved working with my students, but I needed something more. I knew I had to make a change, and I wanted it to be a photography career, but I didn't know how to make that jump.

Enter in Sabrina Gebhardt.

Earlier in 2020 I had decided to start an Instagram Account for my photography and had stumbled upon one of her Education Freebies on Instragram, an article on "How to figure out what to post on Instagram". I joined her newsletter for the freebie, but didn't think anything of it at the time.

I was soon getting weekly emails from Sabrina, which I honestly didn't open very often, but when I saw her name in my inbox every week, it was comforting. I could tell that she knew what she was doing, she was giving out SO MUCH information, but at the time I wasn't ready for it.

In December, I got an email about her Organized Photographer course and I was intrigued. I hopped onto a live webinar she did and was blown away. This lady was joyful, smart, experienced, and well, organized... All the questions and doubt that I had about starting my own Photography business she was addressing. Through this new course she promised answers to questions I honestly didn't even know I should consider when starting a business and she offered guidance and help as I jumpstarted this business of mine. I knew this was exactly what I needed so I pulled my husband aside (in the middle of the webinar) and showed him what Sabrina was offering and he agreed it would be a worthwhile investment so we took out our credit card and I took the plunge.

It was honestly the best investment I have ever made. Sabrina did everything that she promised; she helped walk me through the steps of setting up a successful, sustainable photography business. She showed me how to avoid feeling overwhelmed by giving myself permission to invest in my time by building in babysitting expenses in my business plan. Before I was trying to only work when my children were asleep, often at the expense of my own rest, but now I don't feel guilt about working during the kid's waking hours, and I can actually go to bed/wake up at a normal time - hallelujah!

Empowered by Sabrina Gebhardt's lessons, my husband and this great community, I've been able to take the reigns of my career and become a Business Owner. It has taken a lot of hard work, and many late nights but over the last year it has been wonderful to serve so many people and recognize I can do the hard things I set my mind to.

As I look back at how I was feeling in 2020 at this time of year to now I am filled with joy over how much as changed. I have been incredibly blessed to serve over 100 families in Mini Sessions and Weddings over the last 12 months. As I look to 2022 I am filled with optimism and excitement at how I can continue to grow and improve in the value and service I provide to the families in my community, and help provide for my family.

So I say, cheers to 2021, becoming a new business owner, and cheers to the start of a new year!

-Sarah Mae

Image of Sarah Mae photographing the Photographer!

*If you are starting to make your plans for 2022 like me and know that you will need some photography services, give me a call or drop a line on my Contact Page. I am happy to chat with you about availability and your needs.

*If you are a fellow photographer who is ready to take that next step in your business, I'd suggest taking a look at Sabrina Gebhardt's Root to Rise Master Course and Retreat! Sabrina has some incredible lessons lined up and a Retreat that looks hands-down heavenly!

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