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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's day is this upcoming Sunday! As a mom of 5 kiddos I always look forward to the opportunity to be a little spoiled by those I take care of 24/7. Especially with all the changes we have gone through this last year, I'm thinking this year's celebration will be extra good. Lol, no pressure hubby!

Now, my personal love language is 'Quality Time'. Give me a weekend away camping in the woods with my loved ones and I will be more than happy, but in case you are not able to get away this weekend here are some other possibilities in the community:

Let Mom's creative side out at the Dallas Silk Art Studio, a hands-on silk marbling company where she can create one-of-a-kind marbled scarves, handkerchiefs and more! They have workshops available for groups of up to 6 people most days of the week, so Mom can get her art on with several of her close friends! Products start as low as $25 so this is a fun option for any budget.

Give Mom the Spa Treatment with a visit to Beauty Manifestation! Tinting, Waxing, Threading, and Facials, there are so many options for Mom to choose from to look and feel her best! I've personally had my eyebrows done and a facial performed by Llexi, the owner of the salon and I can attest to the quality of both the materials and the experience! Most services start at $15 so this is again a great option for any budget!

Check out this sweet Bluebonnet Texas t-shirt! If the mom in your life is the type of person to pull over to the side of the road to take pictures of these beauties, this is definitely the gift for her! Another great spot to look for Bluebonnet memorabilia is at Bucee's! This tee is only $25 and their store is located on Main Street in Frisco.

If capturing pictures of your family altogether is very important to the Mom in your life, then do her a favor and take on the effort of organizing a photoshoot for her. There are many wonderful photographers in our area, but if you would like some gorgeous photos taken this spring in an easy 15 minute session, then check out my availability here. These photoshoots will take place the week after Mother's day in the beautiful wildflower fields of Richardson and are just $100!

Lastly, the most IMPORTANT gift you can give to the Mom in your life is to tell her that you love her. Give her a call, write a card, sit her down and share all the reasons why she is so important to you. At the end of the day, she just wants to know that you're thinking of her and care about her. Your gift does not have to be overly extravagant, just thoughtful and with her love language in mind.

-Sarah Mae

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