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Dallas Wedding Venues and Reception Spotlight: Mars Hill Farm

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

If you are looking for stunning, laid-back farm to host your Dallas wedding then look no further than the Mars Hill Farm just south of Dallas in Ferris, TX!

This 100 acre farm is just 30 minutes south of Dallas and sports a gorgeous little outdoor pavilion, barn, and view of their flower crop and ranch.

The Mars Hill Farm is one of the Beautiful Dallas Wedding Venues with a grogeous open pavilion, hung with string lights, and customizable to your wedding needs. Image by Photography of Sarah Mae.

The grounds of the farm also sports a rentable Airbnb dubbed the 'tiny house' that can be used as the bridal suite or overnight accommodations for the newlywed couple.

The cutest little one bedroom 'tiny house' that can be rented through AirBnb or utilized as a bridal suite on your wedding day. Image by Photography of Sarah Mae.

If you choose their Full Farm Package they also provide:

-Trailer rides during the event -Firepit and farm games (cornhole, roping, etc.) -Animals moved for backdrop/ambiance (Longhorns, chickens, etc.) -Petting zoo (if desired) and, my personal favorite, during flower season you can have a flower bar or flower cutting for your guests so they can take home their own floral arrangements in mason jars at the end of the night! At $15/guest or family that's not bad!

The Couple I photographed at Mars Hill Farm held their Wedding Ceremony at the Dallas LDS Temple prior to coming to Mars Hill Farm for their Ring Ceremony and Reception. Below you will see some of the details of how they decorated the tables and pavillion for their reception.

It was such a beautiful outdoor reception! With the colors of the sunset painting the sky, a lovely breeze blowing across the farm, and a symphony of crickets serenading us it was a night that Texas dreams are made of.

Everyone had so much fun chatting and enjoying the outdoor games, you could tell that these families really cared for each other and the lovely couple they had come to celebrate. I had a great time photographing everyone in attendance, but I have to say my favorite moment I caught on camera was the faces of the bride and groom's parents and siblings as the couple posed with their nephews and neices:

Capturing the attention of the bride and groom at a wedding reception at Mars Hill Farm outside Dallas, TX. Image by Photography of Sarah Mae

Here are a few more details about the Mars Hill Farm that you may be interested to know when deciding between all the Dallas Wedding Venues available to you:

The Specifics

**Should you decide to hold a rehearsal before your wedding or reception Mars Hill Farm will accommodate a one-hour rehearsal by appointment

**Along with your rental you also have access to the Barn and Farm grounds for photos! Simply set up an appointment ahead of time (for up to 3-hours) to use the facility.

**Your reservation of Mars Hill Farm includes:

-Indoor barn

-Outdoor pavilion

-Parking Setup


-Use of tiny house as bridal suite (and overnight stay if desired)

-Use of 2 rolling bars/counters

-Use of 7 picnic tables

-Use of farm barrel table for cake and gifts

**To get started on reserving Mars Hill Farm for your Wedding or Reception simply send them an email at

A sparkler exit at Mars Hill Farm, an incredible Dallas Wedding Venue. Image by Photography of Sarah Mae

If you decide to go with the Mars Hill Farm for your wedding or event I promise you will NOT be disappointed! As you can tell from these images, not only will you have a wonderful time but your wedding and reception will be absolutely stunning!

-Sarah Mae

Photography of Sarah Mae

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