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Freyburger Wedding

A summer wedding is a beautiful thing! This wedding of the Freyburgers occurred in August; on a bright and sunny day at their Catholic church. The same one that the bride had attended since she was a little girl.

Before the big ceremony, this gorgeous couple was able to get ready in separate rooms of the clergy house before doing their first look outside. There was a sense of giddy excitement in the air with both the groom and bride within hearing distance of each other. With coordinated effort we were able to sneak the bride outside for some quick getting-ready shots before the groom joined us (with his eyes closed of course) for their first look.  

The ceremony itself was absolutely magical. Both the bride's and the groom's priests oversaw the wedding and some of the bride's friends in the church choir sung throughout the ceremony. Being a musician herself, the bride even sung a tribute to her husband during the exchanging of the vows. It was sweet and lovely and such a heartfelt gift there was not a dry eye in the room afterwards. 


After the wedding ceremony the newlyweds were all too happy to let loose at their reception, which was held inside their favorite restaurant. The decorations were simple, but the room felt alive as friends and family buzzed about the room reuniting with loved ones and making new acquaintances. It was such a joy to be a part of this wonderful family gathering I felt grateful to be a part of it. 

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